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Topman CTRL has put us in, uh, CTRL

If you’re a shopper, and you wear clothes, and you ever shop at Topshop, then you probably know what Topman is. It’s their men’s line, guys. It’s the men’s line of Topshop – don’t be stupid.

Well, Topman has this thing called Topman CTRL. It’s where music and fashion and youth and culture collide, basically, if you can believe it. (The word “CTRL” is pronounced “control,” plus you shout it, per the capitals.) Sound amazing? What if we told you that all this month we’re curating Topman CTRL? Double amazing.

There’s all kinds of good shit involved in curating CTRL. For one thing, we got to set up a gig in Brighton on August 27 featuring us, our second favorite Andy Burrows band I Am Arrows, plus a soon-to-be disclosed ascending star band of our choice. The show is at a lil’ venue called Audio right there on the waterfront (where they filmed, yes, “On The Waterfront,” as well as “From Here To Eternity,” “Blue Crush,” and all of “Forrest Gump”), and it sold out mere seconds after it went on sale. Actually, it sold out a few minutes *before* it went on sale – which surprised us. BUT, you can still go if you really want to. Step one: go to Topman CTRL. Step two: follow instructions to win tickets.

There are aspects of our CTRL curation that you can enjoy even if you’re not in England, though; even if you’re in Moscow or Tokyo; even if, dear reader, you’re in space (you know who you are…). For one thing, we’re making some pretty funny videos about this. Or about something. Here’s an example: Video example file link. For another thing, you can read a list of our favorite new bands and look at some pictures of us wearing awesome clothes, and even (forthcoming), see us getting dressed. Getting fucking dressed, you guys.

Don’t be the one asshole who didn’t check out Topman CTRL and learn about awesome new music, clothes, and video ideas, according to us.