“T.V. en Français, Sous la Mer” is now very, very real


It's here.

“TV en Français, Sous la Mer” has arrived, and it wants to live in your house with you. Is that cool??

No, seriously: don’t freak out. It’s just an album. Just eight songs! But damn, what songs. “Which songs?” you ask? Take a look:

//SIDE A//
1/ Dumb Luck, Under The Sea
2/ Make It Easy, Under The Sea
3/ Sprinkles, Under The Sea
4/ Slow Down, Under The Sea

//SIDE B//
5/ Overreacting, Under The Sea
6/ Don’t Blow It, Under The Sea
7/ Return The Favor, Under The Sea
8/ Take An Arrow, Under The Sea

If you recognize the names, that’s because each track off of “TVeF,SLM” appeared on 2014’s “TV en Français,” but in a drastically different form. Thus the “Under the Sea” addenda: the songs on this record sound like they were dipped in darkness, wrapped up in spider-web, and dropped into a lake. And now you can drench your living room in that very sound.

You’ve got a lot of options. The album is up on Spotify and Deezer. It’s on iTunes. To be really, brutally frank with you, though, the place to start may be our new American merch store. (We also have a U.K. store, but it’s not new!) There, you can listen to three of the new tracks, download the album for a buck less than iTunes is selling it for (and in higher quality!), and press your pupils against a new t-shirt and a new poster. (You can order them, too, yes.)

Actually, the VERY best way to taste “TV en Français, Sous la Mer” is to push play on this video (hopefully you did that before you started reading):