Let us all do our best for dear old England


England is doing very well in the World Cup, and we’ve been preparing for this moment for eight long years. It was eight years ago, see, that we wrote and recorded our under-used, under-appreciated football anthem “Goal! England,” which musicologists and football fans have since come to consider to be among the finest football anthems of all time (it is also generally ranked as the third-best White Stripes song ever).

We are now pleased to offer “Goal! England” as a free download so that you can upload it to your car, your backpack speakers, or your tiny telephone and blast it during this weekend of quarter final excitement. You can also listen to it using this thing…


… or on Spotify (if you’re in the UK/Europe), or using your eyes-stalks:

Good luck, England. We’ve done everything we can to help — and it’s a lot.