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After Hours

A wild new type of video that really probably changes the face of videos pretty permanently.


IMPATIENCE deftly combines a driving, four-on-the-floor beat with huge three-part harmonies, call-and-response verses a la Roxy Music, and a sweet summertime melody served up by the dork-hot New York 2-piece-plus just in time for Autumn. Keenly aware that with the clip for Impatience their reputations as principal providers of meaningful, lighthearted, life-affirming video content would again be tested, WAS cooked up a MONSTROUSly entertaining, WOLFISHly ambitious, TRANSFORMATIVEly redemptive music vid that truly ratchets their recent dog obsession one notch up the food chain.

Chick Lit

THE SONG: “Chick Lit tells the story of a young girl named Agatha who one day, while collecting fire wood to blend into an immune-system boosting power shake, encounters a magic well. She knows the well is magic because it smells like Axe, and so she nervously calls three desperate wishes into its still black depths. There isn’t a lot of room for storytelling in a three minute pop song, unless you’re Bright Eyes, so that’s where the story ends, but we definitely intend to pick it up in another song somewhere down the line. For now, try to revel in the promise of this initial set-up.” THE VIDEO: “We made a video. In it, we play pirates who contemplate a change in career when they learn that they could double their salaries by driving a semi truck.”

Great Escape

A raw, dark video that will leave you feeling naked and exposed before the world. Directed by Akiva Schaeffer.

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

An explosive “What If?” scenario that simultaneously parodies last century’s greatest horror films and definitively condemns the bear species.

It’s A Hit

A real live regulation boxing ring was constructed in the center of a large empty warehouse in northern New Jersey, and bang, this video was pretty much done.