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“TV en Français” Out Now


Our very finest, most explosive, fourth album is now out worldwide! (If it’s not out where you live, make sure you’re definitely on planet Earth!) With production by Mr. Chris Coady, mixing by Mr. James Brown, mastering by Dr. Joe LaPorta, and a bunch of music by us, the We Are Scientists, TV en Français was designed to hurt, in a good way. You can sample it here, and hear us play it live — along with 8 years of accumulated hits — on our current world tour, which is bringing us to your favorite home town venue (or a similar one, possibly in a different town.)

On the hunt for your own copy? Find TV en Français in these wildly popular formats:

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“TV en Français,” Our New Album, Out March 3rd


… the CD from AMAZON
… the VINYL from AMAZON

Out MARCH 3rd

Rumors have been flying, whispers have been slithering, bookies have been accepting wagers — it can finally stop! We’re excited to announce the release of TV en Français, our fourth studio album, on March 3rd (or 4th, depending on your map coordinates).

This incredible beast, our finest work to date, was recorded entirely in New York City with super-producer Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yuck, Beach House, Smith Westerns) and our constant collaborator Andy Burrows (drums, keys, angelic voice). Every copy of TVeF comes with the following songs:

• What You Do Best
• Dumb Luck
• Make It Easy
• Sprinkles
• Courage
• Overreacting
• Return The Favor
• Slow Down
• Don’t Blow It
• Take An Arrow

We can’t wait for you to hear these things. GODDAMMIT THEY’RE GOOD.

Coming up before release day: There are limited-edition vinyl in fancy colors and signed CDs available for pre-order; there are filthy, beautiful videos coming down the pike; there is our ever-expanding spring tour beginning in just 45 days — in short, lots to be excited about. If you’re reading this with a friend, now might be the time for a high five. If you’re in a crowded public place, consider standing up on a table, banging on your glass with a fork, and letting everybody know the good news. And if you’re all alone, well, what’s to stop you from masturbating in celebration? You’re very, very welcome.



Season’s Greetings!



Season’s Agreements from We Are Scientists!

In just a few short days it will be 2014, a year astrologers have long believed will positively drip with opportunity, excitement, and the usual number of full moons. Before the future arrives, we just want to take a moment to thank you for being such good looking, clever fans, and to offer you a hearty “Seasoned Meetings!” We bought you several incredible gifts out of appreciation—learn more about how to claim them by carefully watching the video below. (It’s also on Vimeo.)

Next year is going to be a big one! There will be a new album, world touring, lots of new videos and activities and ideas, and of course the usual number of full moons. We have exciting news coming in the next week or two—in the meantime, enjoy the gifts, have a couple extra slices of vanilla porcupine cake, and be kind to one another, even if it hurts really badly.

Happy Christmas/Wednesday!


We Made a North American Tour! (In 2014)

Hey, wow, yeah! We’re touring North America. When? Where exactly? How does a person get tickets? Look at you! You’re so excited! Us, too. The answers to all of your questions are right here. Pre-sale begins tomorrow at 10 AM (local time) using these links right here. HAVE FUN WITH IT! Buy a weird number of tickets, maybe, like 7:

16 Apr 2014 // Boot & Saddle, PHILADELPHIA // Get tickets

17 Apr 2014 // Black Cat, WASHINGTON D.C. // Buy tickets

19 Apr 2014 // Brighton Music Hall, BOSTON // Have tickets

20 Apr 2014 // Il Motore, MONTREAL // Own tickets

22 Apr 2014 // Lee’s Palace, TORONTO // Request tickets

23 Apr 2014 // Grog Shop, CLEVELAND // Demand tickets

25 Apr 2014 // Lincoln Hall, CHICAGO // Wheedle tickets

26 Apr 2014 // 7th Street Entry, MINNEAPOLIS // Seek tickets

28 Apr 2014 // Larimer Lounge, DENVER // Find tickets

29 Apr 2014 // Kilby Court, SALT LAKE CITY // What, tickets?

1 May 2014 // Doug Fir Lounge, PORTLAND // Some tickets

2 May 2014 // Electric Owl, VANCOUVER // Three tickets

3 May 2014 // Crocodile, SEATTLE // Four tickets

7 May 2014 // Independent, SAN FRANCISCO // Red tickets

8 May 2014 // Constellation Room, SANTA ANA // More tickets

9 May 2014 // Troubadour, LOS ANGELES // Great tickets!

10 May 2014 // Casbah, SAN DIEGO // Hot tickets

15 May 2014 // Red 7, AUSTIN // Nice tickets

16 May 2014 // Fitzgerald’s, HOUSTON // Dope tickets

17 May 2014 // The Parish @House o’Blues, NEW ORLEANS // Rope tickets

18 May 2014 // The Earl, ATLANTA // These tickets

19 May 2014 // King’s Barcade, RALEIGH // Your tickets

These tour dates, when added to the Australian, European, and U.K. shows we’ve already announced, spell one hell of a party in 2014. Won’t you join us? Do you like parties?

“Return the Favor” Can Now Be Seen *and* Heard

Return the Favor, the first song from our upcoming EP Business Casual, was unleashed upon the world this week. The world, it turns out, had no problem with that…

“The song is amazing, but this solo is pure genius :)” writes wOOly on our Soundcloud page.

@Will_Butler04 told us on Twitter that he’s “really enjoying the darker tone and shifting dynamics on this new @scientistbros track!”

And on Facebook, Jonathan Vanasco demands, “You got to ride airboats in swamp?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!”

If you have no clue what any of this means — and not because you don’t read English — then an education is at hand:

Maybe you prefer your music unmolested by visuals. No problem. Drop your eyelids to half-mast and bliss out on this audio-only edition:

Return the Favor was produced by Chris “Crackerjack” Coady and mixed by James “Olde English” Brown. We wrote it ourselves. (Bruno Mars sent us an idea for the intro, but we couldn’t open the file.) The video was directed by Dan “a Plan” Monick. We did not use an acting coach or an alligator wrangler.

Our Business Casual EP is out October 14th or 15th, right around there. (Depends on where you live. (Doesn’t everything!!!! (“Location, location, location,” as they say.)))

“Business Casual” EP Arrives in October

We’ve got a new EP coming in October, and it’s a good one. Business Casual will arrive just in time to keep you warm as the weather turns cold, or, if you live in the southern hemisphere, it will cause you to overheat as the weather turns warm, for which we apologize. That song in the trailer above is called “Return The Favor,” and it’s on the EP — but is it the only one? No, no, this is no mere one-song EP. There are also four other tunes:

1. Dumb Luck
2. Return the Favor
3. Good Answer
4. Courage (demo)
5. Take My Breath Away (Berlin cover)
Plenty more facts to come. For now, re-evaluate your entire life based on what you’ve just learned.

“We’re Releasing a 7-Inch Record Today,” we said.

Today’s the day! For many of you, it’s simply “a” day, but for us it’s totally “the” day. That’s because today we officially release our first new music since 1935, when, in the midst of the Great Depression, we dropped a thick pile of sheet music on the world that single-handedly initiated an economic turnaround (we know what you’re thinking: “Sheet music doesn’t have hands!” But ours did. That, more than the music described in its pages, is what made our last release so special).

So what’s the story with these new tunes, Something About You and Let Me Win? Well, imagine us, Keith and Chris. Imagine it’s March, 2013. Imagine we’ve finished recording a new full-length album, but that there are lots of details to work through before a release date will even be in sight. What do you do? You get bored! You call up Tim Wheeler and ask him if you can use his studio. You ask Claudius Mittendorfer, Tim’s partner, if he has a couple of days to record some tracks. You eVite a couple of your musical pals to come do some shaking and strumming.

And that’s just what we did! Max Hart tinkled some ivory. Claudius invoked all kinds of producorial black magic. Needless to say, our own Andy Burrows smacked the shit out of a bunch of drums. We had some laffs, cried some tearz, and knocked out 5 songs in 3 days. The two on this piece of vinyl are the ones we wanted you to have ASAP. (The others will be along eventually.)

Since we haven’t put anything out in nearly a hundred years, we wanted to make this release an event. You can listen to the songs over on our Soundcloud page, or download them using our widgets (or iTunes if you’re in UK/Europe). But there’s also limited-edition heavyweight vinyl featuring the lusty photography of Dan Monick. And there’s a t-shirt and a tote bag — both somehow ‘badass’ and ‘summery’ at the same time — designed by the fantastic Dylan Haley.



All of these fine objects are available in our two merch stores (one ships from California, one ships from England — your choice) and will feature at our merch table for the next couple weeks. You can also fly to London and pick the vinyl up at the Rough Trade store.

This is, as you can see, a big day for us. Why not pull out the old Slip’n’Slide, throw on a swimsuit, click play, and help us celebrate?



New music out next week! Listen today!?!

We’re dropping the living hell out of two new songs next Tuesday. There will be limited-edition heavyweight vinyl; there will be a special t-shirt that has dogs on it; please believe there will be downloads.

You can listen to one of these tracks now, however: Something About You is streaming over at the Neon Gold blog AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Go have a listen! Post your thoughts! Unless they’re negative!


There's even artwork for the 7".



Toronto This Weekend, Big Time

This weekend the NXNE Festival happens in Toronto, which is a city that happened a long time ago in Canada. We’re heading up and we aim to make our mark. There will be two shows:

  1. Friday, 14 June, at Lee’s Palace. We go on at midnight. “Zero dark zero” is how military folk might say it.
  2. Saturday, 15 June, at the Yonge and Dundas Square Stage, at 3 p.m. — “Fifteen hundred hours.”

That’s two shows in just 16 hours, start to finish! No big deal if the shows were mediocre and forgettable, but these will be the two Shows Of The Year in North America.* (*as determined by a poll)

Congratulations to us! And congratulations to you, if you live in or near Toronto. And sincerest condolences if you do not. And a heartiest welcome to those who intend to come out! And heartfelt understanding to those who can not attend due to a death in the family or other tragedy. And a pox and damnation unto those who will simply skip the shows due to laziness or having other plans.

Protectors of Toronto