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Let us all do our best for dear old England


England is doing very well in the World Cup, and we’ve been preparing for this moment for eight long years. It was eight years ago, see, that we wrote and recorded our under-used, under-appreciated football anthem “Goal! England,” which musicologists and football fans have since come to consider to be among the finest football anthems of all time (it is also generally ranked as the third-best White Stripes song ever).

We are now pleased to offer “Goal! England” as a free download so that you can upload it to your car, your backpack speakers, or your tiny telephone and blast it during this weekend of quarter final excitement. You can also listen to it using this thing…


… or on Spotify (if you’re in the UK/Europe), or using your eyes-stalks:

Good luck, England. We’ve done everything we can to help — and it’s a lot.

MEGAPLEX is here.

Well, it’s coming. Our new album, “Megaplex,” is out 27 April of this year (the 2018). And yes, for some of you that can seem like a long time to wait — indeed, for our 3-month-old fans, it looks like a lifetime! But there’s lots of stuff to keep you busy in the meantime. Here are a few places to start:

  • Go watch the video for “One In, One Out.” It’s a beautiful piece of work directed by Mr. Jed Mitchell, who also shot the Buckle and In My Head videos. And by god, it’s quite a song.
  • Go pre-order the album. We’ve got signed vinyl, a red cassette tape, a poster with a cat, and first-ever opportunities for insane fans, like having us write a song for you, or acquiring a bag of things our bird collected.
  • Put a show on your calendar. We’re announcing shows in Europe, the UK, and the US this week, with more announcements coming in the next couple months. We’re trying not to leave anybody out this time, but know that if we do, it’s because we’ve decided once and for all that we don’t like you.

We’re excited for this one. It feels special. We’ve got a lot of great people working with us, and ten very good songs. Keith just turned thirty, and Chris is almost twenty-five, so there’s no time to waste. We intend to make this a big one.


New video, new album, new shows = NEW YOU


That’s the video for our new single, “Buckle.” Watch it (VEVO or Youtube). It wasn’t easy to make. We pretty much ruined Chris’s apartment shooting it. Well, the floor. Don’t worry, he’s still got a roof over his head. Please, DON’T send money to Chris.

If you’ve got a bunch of loose change floating around in your shirt pocket, spend it on our new album. That’s right, “Buckle” comes from an album, and that album looks like this:


Helter Seltzer.

That’s what the album is called. It’s out April 22nd. And that’s the cover art. Did we outdo ourselves? Yes. The cover art to “Helter Seltzer” contains answers to most of history’s great questions. It will also teach you the secret to living a great, productive life, if you let it.

On top of all that, it comes with songs — ten of them. One song, sweet “Buckle,” will be yours now when you pre-order the album. We made “Helter Seltzer” in all of the popular formats; simply click to pre-order (well, simply click, then simply fill out a payment form, then probably some other form about where you live, and then simply upload a charcoal rubbing of your credit card, etc.):

Buckle formats.1 - vinyl Buckle formats.1 - mp3







We’re excited. To be honest, we’re slightly trembling over here. We’ve been working on “Helter Seltzer” since back in the beginning of 2015, and damn — we love it. We recorded it with our old keyboardist Max Hart right after he finished his 3-year tour of duty with Katy Perry; and W.A.S. repeat-offender Chris Coady, who’s now considered one of the finext mixers in the world, mixed it; and we got Greg Calbi to master it — there are few more finely-tuned ears on this planet, at least on the sides of human heads. There are some incredible ears on the sides of wolf heads, but wolves refuse to work with us because We Are Scientists because we can run faster than them.

Anyway, whenever we get excited about new tunes, we book a bunch of shows, and so we’re in the middle of doing that. There are shows in the UK in April, and down below are some new shows in the U.S. — in the next week or two we’ll have European dates, plus more U.S. dates. And we’re searching travel magazines for requests for bands in Asia, South America, Africa, and Australia. (A new stack of magazines comes in every couple days — stay tuned.)

What should you do now? It’s simple, if you want our advice: watch the “Buckle” video twice. Order the album in your 2nd favorite format. Buy a ticket to a show near you (U.S. shows go on sale on Wednesday.) Hey, check out our new website! Reskinned and redesigned by the amazing Dylan Haley, who also did all of the album artwork.

And, y’know… stay roudy. Never stop stylin’ your hair. Try to train a squirrel to catch marbles in its mouth.

High five,

Keith & Chris

***get tickets***

23 / Bierkeller / BRISTOL, UK
25 / Rescue Rooms / NOTTINGHAM, UK
26 / Riverside / GATESHEAD, UK
27 / 02 Institute2 / BIRMINGHAM, UK
29 / Handmade Festival / LEICESTER, UK
30 / Live at Leeds / LEEDS, UK

1 / Stag & Dagger Fest / GLASGOW, UK
3 / Manchester Academy 2 / MANCHESTER, UK
5 / Concorde 2 / BRIGHTON, UK
10 / Brighton Music Hall / BOSTON, MA
11 / Irving Plaza / NEW YORK, NY
13 / Rock & Roll Hotel / WASHINGTON D.C.
14 / Johnny Brendas / PHILADELPHIA, PA
15 / The Southern / CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA
17 / Aisle 5 / ATLANTA, GA
18 / Gasa Casa / NEW ORLEANS, LA
19 / The Raven Tower / HOUSTON, TX
20 / Barracuda / AUSTIN, TX
21 / Lola’s / FT. WORTH, TX
23 / Exit In / NASHVILLE, TN
24 / Tiger Mountain / ASHEVILLE, NC
25 / Kings / RALEIGH, NC

10 / Festival de les Artes / Valéncia, ES

***get tickets***

November Tour of Europe with ASH

A clash of the titans that, rather than destroying cities, will beautify and strengthen them.

In November, The Masters of the Euroverse Tour brings two of the world’s great three-piece rock bands — us (obviously!) and ASH — to the European continent. This is where you’ll need to be, and when:

Nov 16 Melkweg // AMSTERDAM, Netherlands
Nov 17 Bürgerhaus Stollwerck // KOLN, Germany
Nov 19 Debaser Strand // STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Nov 20 John Dee // OSLO, Norway
Nov 21 Pumpehuset // COPENHAGEN, Denmark
Nov 23 Gruenspan // HAMBURG, Germany
Nov 24 C-Club // BERLIN, Germany
Nov 26 Backstage Halle // MUNICH, Germany
Nov 27 Il Covo // BOLOGNA, Italy
Nov 28 Flex // VIENNA, Austria
Nov 29 Plaza // ZURICH, Switzerland
Dec 01 Petit Bain // PARIS, France

Tickets are here.

“T.V. en Français, Sous la Mer” is now very, very real


It's here.

“TV en Français, Sous la Mer” has arrived, and it wants to live in your house with you. Is that cool??

No, seriously: don’t freak out. It’s just an album. Just eight songs! But damn, what songs. “Which songs?” you ask? Take a look:

//SIDE A//
1/ Dumb Luck, Under The Sea
2/ Make It Easy, Under The Sea
3/ Sprinkles, Under The Sea
4/ Slow Down, Under The Sea

//SIDE B//
5/ Overreacting, Under The Sea
6/ Don’t Blow It, Under The Sea
7/ Return The Favor, Under The Sea
8/ Take An Arrow, Under The Sea

If you recognize the names, that’s because each track off of “TVeF,SLM” appeared on 2014’s “TV en Français,” but in a drastically different form. Thus the “Under the Sea” addenda: the songs on this record sound like they were dipped in darkness, wrapped up in spider-web, and dropped into a lake. And now you can drench your living room in that very sound.

You’ve got a lot of options. The album is up on Spotify and Deezer. It’s on iTunes. To be really, brutally frank with you, though, the place to start may be our new American merch store. (We also have a U.K. store, but it’s not new!) There, you can listen to three of the new tracks, download the album for a buck less than iTunes is selling it for (and in higher quality!), and press your pupils against a new t-shirt and a new poster. (You can order them, too, yes.)

Actually, the VERY best way to taste “TV en Français, Sous la Mer” is to push play on this video (hopefully you did that before you started reading):

We Strike(!) Brooklyn Bowl London in 1 Month

IN ONE MONTH, on 22 October, we demolish Brooklyn Bowl London — will you be there?!?!?!? If you are a person of taste; a person who values friendship over war; a lover of animals, at least in theory; one who wants their time on Planet Earth to be spent in the best possible way — if you meet this description, and you live anywhere near London, then we will certainly see you on 22 October.

We will see you dancing wildly, or perhaps just nodding your head appreciatively; we might catch you bowling a couple of frames before the show; maybe you’ll have a cocktail or two, or six, or the fried chicken plate in Brooklyn Bowl’s weirdly good restaurant. This venue is an adult fantasy-land, and on 22 October, we will be soundtracking that luscious fantasy.

Take the red pill here.

Two People Won Set Lists from Reading & Leeds!

We have the results of last week’s Facebook contest to win signed set lists from Reading & Leeds. The decision was agonizing, but poring over the entries was pure bliss. 

Congratulations are due to Hannah Owen, who created a photo collage that sears the mind with its brutal physicality and bold use of color…


And to Fraser King, whose multimedia confection combines whimsy and verisimilitude in perfect measures.


And finally to runner up Tom Nixon. His rigorous topicality is leavened with a devilish sense of humor.


Congratulations to Hannah and Fraser, and thanks to all who submitted.



Free download of “Distillery” on Friday — believe it

Download our new song, “Distillery,” FOR FREE on Friday. What’s the catch? THERE’S NO CATCH! Just kidding, there’s totally a catch, but it’s a small one: You have to be on our mailing list to get the download. Here’s the thing about the emails we send our mailing list:

1) They’re rare (you’ll pray for more in bed at night, or kneeling in front of a statue of a giant octopus, or however you get your praying done)
2) They’re useful (they come with things like free downloads and early access to low-fee tickets and unseen photos — sometimes even INVISIBLE photos!)
3) They’re pleasant (we take a nice conversational tone, a lot like the one we’re using in this Facebook post, which is a lot like the one we use in our private lives when talking to friends and family)
4) We write them (every word, unless we’re quoting from a film or tv commercial or historical document, in which case we’ll put the words in “quotes” — but no label personnel or managers or cyborgs or famous authors will ever write to you, just us, Chris & Keith & L224X version 3, our scribe droid (ha! Kidding about the droid!))

Sign up for that mailing list by clicking on this very sentence.