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BARBARA is coming out. Like, now.

BARBARA is coming out. Like, now.
You honey-dipped thistles,

Have you ever wanted to own our third studio album? Our latest and finest and all-around most vivid collection of music tracks, packaged in handsome plastic and featuring over 20 pages of invaluable liner note revelations? Have you, in short, longed for the day when We Are Scientists’ “Barbara” could be yours? That day is here.

Below is a list of places where you can get “Barbara” either in the physical or digital iteration. Take a minute to shop around a little. Some of these places feature autographed artwork; some have an extra tune or two; some even bring to your hard-drive our cult series “Steve Wants His Money” (about a cult; not appreciated by a cult of fans). You may have a difficult choice or two ahead of you.

Whichever option you choose, wherever in the world you live, know this: you will soon be listening to the 10 finest songs we’ve ever written. Please enjoy!

Digital Physical
UK itunes play.com

£5 Only!

USA itunes amazon
France itunes amazon
Germany itunes amazon
Austria itunes amazon
Switzerland itunes amazon
Netherlands itunes Mania
Belgium itunes Free Record Shop
Sweden itunes
Norway itunes
Denmark itunes
Spain itunes
Italy itunes
Australia itunes

Rules Don’t Stop

With the budget of a 30 Seconds To Mars clip, the raw fx firepower of James Cameron’s Avatar, and the intensively rehearsed, flawless timing of an OKGO video, the new music vid from We Are Scientists proves once and for all that rules — ahem — truly do not stop these New York City dynamos. Directed by the masters at LABOUR ( www.labour-ny.com ).


At last we are ready to reveal to you the secrets of telekinesis, teleportation, auto-erotics, bowling, and trip-planning. Behold, the video for RULES DON’T STOP, the first single off our forthcoming record BARBARA. They’re not spelled all-caps like that, we’re just being lazy with the italics over here. BARBARA comes out in June, and we’re going to have a few vinyl copies of RULES DON’T STOP as well as unlimited copies of a download available on April 5th. (That was worth the effort, italicizing that date.)

The only other thing you need to know about this video is that it was directed by LABOUR, who are (as will soon be obvious to you) geniuses.