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Rules Don’t Stop

With the budget of a 30 Seconds To Mars clip, the raw fx firepower of James Cameron’s Avatar, and the intensively rehearsed, flawless timing of an OKGO video, the new music vid from We Are Scientists proves once and for all that rules — ahem — truly do not stop these New York City dynamos. Directed by the masters at LABOUR ( www.labour-ny.com ).

After Hours

A wild new type of video that really probably changes the face of videos pretty permanently.

WAS Advent Calendar, week 3

After giving Keith his own laundry for Christmas failed to impress the “the man who has everything”, Chris decides to try an entirely new approach…

WAS Advent Calendar, week 2

Chris brings Keith his Christmas presents a little early, and knocks it out of the park with his thoughtful gifts.

WAS Advent Calendar, week 4

Keith shows up at Chris’s apartment with a Christmas gift, and the two decide to let bygones be bygones.


IMPATIENCE deftly combines a driving, four-on-the-floor beat with huge three-part harmonies, call-and-response verses a la Roxy Music, and a sweet summertime melody served up by the dork-hot New York 2-piece-plus just in time for Autumn. Keenly aware that with the clip for Impatience their reputations as principal providers of meaningful, lighthearted, life-affirming video content would again be tested, WAS cooked up a MONSTROUSly entertaining, WOLFISHly ambitious, TRANSFORMATIVEly redemptive music vid that truly ratchets their recent dog obsession one notch up the food chain.