Music loving maniacs,

Life is full of difficult choices, and you are now being presented with what will doubtless be the very, very most
difficult choice of your (or any person's) entire life: which one of these two pretty boxes will you click on first?

The box on the right offers you a couple of videos from the unforgettable February 23 show at Hoxton Bar & Grill in London, WHICH YOU MISSED (PROBABLY)! "Rules Don't Stop" and "Pittsburgh", both new guys, played by the hottest, most considerate rock trio in the world today: Murray, Cain & Burrows. That junk is free.

On the left, costing just barely more than free, is a magical box that will let anybody in the world download our new single, "Rules Don't Stop", plus the b-side "Down The Hall", plus the "Rules" video.

The choice, friends, is yours. (Or you can do both – there's actually no rule against doing both.)

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