The BIG FUCKIN’ DEAL tour: a select few will own the tee.

To commemorate a tour as small as this week’s BIG FUCKIN’ DEAL tour, one would need a truly small number of t-shirts. That’s why we printed up exactly 30 of these beauties:

bfd_sketchThey’ll be at the merch booth Wednesday-Saturday, and when they’re gone, nothing, not even James Cameron, will get us to print more.

3 cities. 4 days. Guys it’s the BIG FUCKIN’ DEAL tour.

Jan 20, 2010 Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, PA
Jan 21, 2010 Black Cat, Washington, DC
Jan 23, 2010 Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ

23 Responses to “The BIG FUCKIN’ DEAL tour: a select few will own the tee.”

  1. Marielle says:

    Hoboken? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE try to find a hobo while you’re there and take a picture. Just for the pun. I guess you should also take a picture of a philly in Philadelphia and a washing machine in Washington, to complete the whole set of puns.

  2. Anna Zelaya says:

    When are you guys coming to Los Angeles again????!!! <3

  3. Joanne says:

    No way its “The Big Fuckin Deal” tour cause i aint going to it!!!!!!…………Hurry up and get over the water,the UK and Europe feels a little neglected right now,we need to hear the new material too!!!!!!

  4. frankie says:

    Come to Minnesota soon! :)

  5. kimberly says:

    holy god….ARE U SERIOUS?!?! im from philly, one of the only THREE cities u are going to, but im out of town when ur here….GAH!!!! please promise to come back =)

  6. Louise says:

    Will you ever come back to glasgow?

  7. Sarah says:

    You guys are coming to NJ the one day I can’t make it =(. Please come back, or travel to Syracuse, NY so I can see you during the school semester! You guys are the best <3

  8. ula says:

    Dear W.A.S.,
    please remember to save one of these t-shirts for me and send it to Poland.


  9. Holly says:

    This is probably the best thing ever. I’ll see you guys in DC. And I’ll definitely be getting one of those shirts!

  10. Sophie says:

    Whoa! That t – shirt is freaking awesome! Wow! Such a shame i’m stuck in the UK!

  11. anna says:

    I want one.

  12. Heather says:

    Aww Jealous!

  13. Nikki Stiks. says:

    Seriously? Hoboken sold out in 4.5 seconds? This is the first time I’m missing a local show in 5 years. How fishy.

  14. Megan says:

    Please tell me you’re coming to Australia this year. Please please please please :)

  15. Vince says:

    Was at the D.C. show last night, what a great show. Unfortunate that I missed out on the shirts.

  16. marie says:

    uh. yeah. come to minnesota again. i’ll buy you dinner.

  17. Kristin L. says:

    Thanks for playing such a great show at Black Cat last night! …and for chatting (and on my part, reminiscing) about the good ol’ days in Brooklyn. I feel better about the move to DC when I know bands like yours make a stop here! Come back soon…

    All best,

  18. katie says:

    see you in hoboken. this will be the first timee im gonnna see u play live. soo excited.

  19. Frantisek says:

    The DC show was amazing!
    Thanks Keith for selling me the “BIG FUCKIN’ DEAL tour” & “SCIENTIST” shirts.

    Sorry Chris, when I wrote my URL of T-shirt designs, I left out one part of it.
    Probably due to a combination of excitement + Gin & Tonic.

    I’ll be adding several others this week,
    but here is the most scientific of my current designs:

  20. Caroline says:

    This best not be all… Nc wants you guys!

  21. Allen says:

    You guys were awesome in dc! so glad i got that shirt.

    … the small actually fits!

  22. Julie says:

    Come back to San Francisco!!! I will personally make everyone traveling with you some freshly baked awesome-O cookies if you guys come back… FO SHO!

  23. Steff says:

    Pretty please come to Manchester (thats Englands Manchester:D)

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