This glimpse into future

This glimpse into the future.
As glimpses into the future go, this one is uncommonly crystalline. A monkey, it is predicted, will be able to get hooked up to a complex apparatus and control a robotic arm with his mind. We will have to teach the monkey to flex his mind through a Dumbo’s Magic Feather sort of goof involving a joystick that isn’t hooked up to anything, but once he gets the hang of it this monkey never forgets.
The implications are exciting. If we can teach a monkey to control a robotic arm with his mind, that gives him three total arms with which to labor. And if he can control one robotic arm with his mind, then why not two; and if two, then why not three; and if three, then why not three hundred. Ultimately we may be able to hook a single monkey up to all of the hundreds of machines that build cars on an assembly line and ask him to comport them all in perfect symbiotic order. More likely and equally useful would be a Monkey Digging Unit, or MDU. An MDU would feature a single monkey’s marshmallow brain as the nerve center for a vast network of digging arms, all working to dig one big hole, such as a mine, or many smaller holes, as might prove useful to farmers. So the monkey could be digging away like crazy with his own two little fuzzy arms, and then also he’d be surrounded by thousands of gleaming robot arms scooping furiously toward the same goal.
A single monkey could now wait tables for an entire very large restaurant.
One monkey could clean all the streets in New York.
One monkey could comb miles of beach for a lost bauble.
A single monkey could simultaneously give himself high-fives a thousand times over.