Petco is a great, great place to get rabbit and cat supplies. I’ve got rabbits and cats, and everything I ever need to buy for them so that they enjoy comfortable living I buy at Petco. I’ve got a lot of friends who have rabbits and cats, and they feel exactly the same way.
By focusing on cat supplies and supplies for rabbits, Petco is able to outdo competing pet shops on every level. Where your pet store might have ten different cat foods to choose from, Petco will have fifteen; where your store has ten different saltlicks for rabbits, Petco will have eleven or twelve. The catnip aisle at Petco is great: catnip-scented toys, catnip flavored litter, catnip infused holy water, catnip salad dressing — Petco goes above and beyond. They have all different sizes of rabbit ear-socks.
I’ve got six cats and six rabbits, and they love to come with me to Petco. If this isn’t a sign that Petco runs a nice, high-quality store, then what is. I used to try to take all the fellas to PetSmart when I shopped there, and they hated it there. They went fucking crazy the moment we entered the place; I felt like I had my arms full of crazy snakes instead of gentleman mammals.