You ghostly orcas, skimming the

You ghostly orcas, skimming the surface from below,
The bears are back, and when we say ‘bears’ we mean the gentlemen carnivores of We Are Scientists; and when we say ‘back’ we mean beautiful to look at. Ha ha! No, we mean back in New York, natch. This paragraph so far has been a whole Batch o’ Natch, hasn’t it? Nothing but stuff that goes without saying. Let’s maintain that trend:

  • The L.A. shows went swimmingly, with us giving dynamic, gorgeously flawed performances, and with the kids in the crowd clenching their bodies tightly to keep bowels from relaxing and eyeballs from spinning in sockets. Here is a photograph we took from the stage:

  • Like camels come across a plentiful oasis, bloating themselves with water in anticipation of returning to the sand