Yeah, so we never really

Yeah, so we never really got around to cataloguing the exploits that went on a couple of weeks ago on the west coast, but suffice it to say that we had the Best Time Ever(TM), and that a great deal of the credit for that goes to the kids in Bishop Allen. Have we been pounding the Bishop Allen fanaticism into the ground, lately? Well, get used to it, people, because our love has not been weakened by the post-tour separation. For crying out loud – do you really expect us to go unchanged after having spent several days crammed in a van with this man:

What if we showed you this, then:

So, you see? Do you see the trouble we’re having letting go? It’s too much to bear.

But just one other thing that Keith wanted to communicate with everyone. Before the show in Sacramento, Keith took a moment for himself (NOT masturbating!) and enjoyed a quiet stroll around a residential ‘hood near the club. All was fine, and Keith was recovering nicely from the terror of having spotted this cadre of bats:

who were clearly up to no good, when he stumbled upon this house:

which he thought rather charming but otherwise not terribly notable. Not terribly notable, that is, until he rounded the corner and casually glanced up at a window on the side of the house, from which some particularly rad heavy metal music was loudly wafting. In this window – and, christ, do we wish that Keith’d had the presence of mind to have snapped a photo of this – was framed a large man with long, unkempt hair, and this dude – this awesome, heavy metal dude – in the privacy of his own home, was donning a Viking’s helmet!
Keith is thinking of moving to Sacramento