“We’re Releasing a 7-Inch Record Today,” we said.

Today’s the day! For many of you, it’s simply “a” day, but for us it’s totally “the” day. That’s because today we officially release our first new music since 1935, when, in the midst of the Great Depression, we dropped a thick pile of sheet music on the world that single-handedly initiated an economic turnaround (we know what you’re thinking: “Sheet music doesn’t have hands!” But ours did. That, more than the music described in its pages, is what made our last release so special).

So what’s the story with these new tunes, Something About You and Let Me Win? Well, imagine us, Keith and Chris. Imagine it’s March, 2013. Imagine we’ve finished recording a new full-length album, but that there are lots of details to work through before a release date will even be in sight. What do you do? You get bored! You call up Tim Wheeler and ask him if you can use his studio. You ask Claudius Mittendorfer, Tim’s partner, if he has a couple of days to record some tracks. You eVite a couple of your musical pals to come do some shaking and strumming.

And that’s just what we did! Max Hart tinkled some ivory. Claudius invoked all kinds of producorial black magic. Needless to say, our own Andy Burrows smacked the shit out of a bunch of drums. We had some laffs, cried some tearz, and knocked out 5 songs in 3 days. The two on this piece of vinyl are the ones we wanted you to have ASAP. (The others will be along eventually.)

Since we haven’t put anything out in nearly a hundred years, we wanted to make this release an event. You can listen to the songs over on our Soundcloud page, or download them using our widgets (or iTunes if you’re in UK/Europe). But there’s also limited-edition heavyweight vinyl featuring the lusty photography of Dan Monick. And there’s a t-shirt and a tote bag — both somehow ‘badass’ and ‘summery’ at the same time — designed by the fantastic Dylan Haley.



All of these fine objects are available in our two merch stores (one ships from California, one ships from England — your choice) and will feature at our merch table for the next couple weeks. You can also fly to London and pick the vinyl up at the Rough Trade store.

This is, as you can see, a big day for us. Why not pull out the old Slip’n’Slide, throw on a swimsuit, click play, and help us celebrate?