We really are terrible at

We really are terrible at updating this thing. This is embarrassing.
It’s not as if nothing has been going on in our lives. I mean, the sheer number of films we’ve been attending is newsworthy in and of itself. Keith hates to admit this, but two weeks ago, he managed to see six films in four days, IN THEATER. That’s not including the dozens of DVDs he doubtlessly took in at home, or the hundreds of man-hours of made-for-TV-movies he watched on the banks of TVs set up at the local electronics store. So, really, there is tons to report.
Among the many exciting non-filmic goings-on, there are lots of coming updates to the website. These include, and are probably limited to (but maybe not)
– new photos
– new, upcoming shows
– new songs that we write about each film that we see, which is a sort of project that we’ve thrust upon ourselves as means of making this whole film-going thing pay off in a way not limited to popcorn and Pepsi consumption. We’ll let you know more about this as the project develops.
– a new animated video for “The Bomb Inside the Bomb.”
Why are these things not up now? Mind your own damn business.
In other news, Chris now lives in New Jersey. That is the sort of “fun fact” that will be on our We Are Scientists trading cards, whenever those idiots from Topps actually get their acts together and call us up and propose that we put together a series of We Are Scientists trading cards. The hardest part about being in this band is waiting for everyone else to catch up.