UK Tour

They said we wouldn’t have the guts to return to the scene of the crime, and yet we’ve already booked our airfare for November. Behold The American Barbarians Tour. Tickets go on sale Friday, but until then, we’ve got a few pre-sale stubs for you, along with an exclusive reduced price pre-order of the official tour t-shirt — very few things are cooler than wearing a tour tshirt *to the actual tour that the tshirt concerns*.

One response on “UK Tour

  1. Anna

    Y’know the way ye’re touring the UK? Lil ole Ireland is just across the water… an hour’s flight away… and yet I remain here WeAreScientists-less! I say you add one last date! Come to Dublin! Or Cork?? Please! I’m not alone in my WAS adoration… on behalf of all of Ireland, grace us with your presence! Thanks! xxx

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