“TV en Français,” Our New Album, Out March 3rd


… the CD from AMAZON
… the VINYL from AMAZON

Out MARCH 3rd

Rumors have been flying, whispers have been slithering, bookies have been accepting wagers — it can finally stop! We’re excited to announce the release of TV en Français, our fourth studio album, on March 3rd (or 4th, depending on your map coordinates).

This incredible beast, our finest work to date, was recorded entirely in New York City with super-producer Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yuck, Beach House, Smith Westerns) and our constant collaborator Andy Burrows (drums, keys, angelic voice). Every copy of TVeF comes with the following songs:

• What You Do Best
• Dumb Luck
• Make It Easy
• Sprinkles
• Courage
• Overreacting
• Return The Favor
• Slow Down
• Don’t Blow It
• Take An Arrow

We can’t wait for you to hear these things. GODDAMMIT THEY’RE GOOD.

Coming up before release day: There are limited-edition vinyl in fancy colors and signed CDs available for pre-order; there are filthy, beautiful videos coming down the pike; there is our ever-expanding spring tour beginning in just 45 days — in short, lots to be excited about. If you’re reading this with a friend, now might be the time for a high five. If you’re in a crowded public place, consider standing up on a table, banging on your glass with a fork, and letting everybody know the good news. And if you’re all alone, well, what’s to stop you from masturbating in celebration? You’re very, very welcome.