Steve Wants His Money Premiers Tonight

Dear fans who can read,

Tonight is a big night for fans of short-form comedy that stars members of bands. That’s because at either 22:55 or 23:55 this evening, our emotionally sophisticated new show Steve Wants His Money premiers on MTV in the UK. (The reason for the confusion about air time is simply a matter of this show being so red-hot to the touch that the folks at MTV are having a hard time handling it! They sent an intern out to buy metaphorical oven mitts, but he’s hasn’t come back yet! So everybody keeps dropping our show in unpredictable places!)

So here are the specifics on how Steve show will roll out: every Sunday night for the next seven weeks a new episode will premier on MTV (the main channel, guys). Throughout the ensuing six days, the new episode will repeat on the various MTV networks: MTV, MTV2, Base, Hits, Dance and MTVR. We think the show is going to appear in programming guides, but it may appear as “We Are Scientists present… Steve Wants His Money” or simply “Lil MTV”, which is the umbrella name for MTV’s big foray into funny short programming.*

As we get more accurate info, we’ll feed it to this website and to Twitter and to the print version of Time Magazine. That includes details on when Steve show will be viewable outside the U.K. (shouldn’t be too long…). Anyway, take a look and let us know what you think in the comments section of this very goddamn post!

* Other shows that MTV has commissioned for Lil MTV include Snuffed Out Too Soon, a show about people, mostly homeless people, mostly kids, who were killed on camera in snuff films; and Nailed In The Caboose, a historical survey of famous men and women who at one time or another were sodomized. Snuffed Out Too Soon is hosted by Robbie Williams, and Nailed In The Caboose — we’ve heard — is being hosted by Jack White(!). Haven’t seen either, but they sound LOL.