"So, how is the album

“So, how is the album going,” you ask impatiently, tapping your fingers on the countertop.
“Ah, very well, very well,” we reply, our eyes darting toward the open door.
A chance to escape! But we’re too late to make the move.
“So then, where the hell is it? This album? This album of yours, that is supposed to be maybe the finest use that mankind has yet found for plastics and digital things and searchlights?” Your eyes are narrowing. We don’t like this.
“Ah, where?” Wiping sweat from our collective brows. “Ah, a perfectly fine and good question!”
“Yeah, because a while ago, you kids were talking the big talk. Talking like it was coming out in December, or some other madness.” You are clearly angry. We’d made a promise, and then we’d broken it.
“Ah, well . . .yes! Absolutely right, and thank you for mentioning it!” We are inching toward the exit. “Well, things happened, and release dates were pushed back. But we are working! Rest assured, we are working our very hardest. When we are not eating or sleeping or taking in another viewing of ‘Car Wash’ starring Dr. Dre, we are working. The recording is almost done, and what we currently have sounds so very sweet, you will not mind that we are deceitful and slothful and long in the tooth.”
You are unimpressed. “Okay, but how about the artwork for the CD? I mean do you even have a cover, or any concept of how the liner notes will be . . .”
But we are through the door, scrambling over each other out into the street.
The sounds of car doors slamming. An engine turning over. Tires squealing away toward the south.
Once again, we are scientists has left you holding the check.