So, for those of you

So, for those of you who fail to check every page that constitutes the We Are Scientists Conglomeration of Super-Fun Web Action Centre, I will run the risk of rendering the content of our “Shows” page utterly redundant and mention that, people, we’ve got a show this Sunday. But before I go ahead and spill the beans to all of you who just can’t deign to check all branches of this mini-library we’ve painstakingly thrown up here just for you, I just wanna/hafta say this: you guys, you’ve got to check every page every day. I mean, if we ever get around to updating some of these pages, you’ll never know unless you’re checking with some degree of vigilance. And a good, steady, easy-to-remember level of vigilance, we think, is once a day. So, a new regimen for you: check every page every day. We promise to update every three months or so. Another part of that regimen should be sit-ups. Because of your belly, which is getting out of hand.
So, a show! Check the “Shows” page. Yeah, I’ve changed my mind about this. I will not just freely give this information up. I give up too much of myself already, and I feel ready to take back now. This is some empowerment action that’s going on here. So, check that “Shows” page, and learn about us, playing. Please. I am willing to beg, it would appear. It turns out I am not so empowered after all. I will beg you to check the “Shows” page, and then I will go ahead and give up the information, right here, and save you the effort: Brownies, this Sunday (June 9), 8:45 PM. There will be copies of the brand new CD for sale.
I can’t go on like this.