At last we are ready to reveal to you the secrets of telekinesis, teleportation, auto-erotics, bowling, and trip-planning. Behold, the video for RULES DON’T STOP, the first single off our forthcoming record BARBARA. They’re not spelled all-caps like that, we’re just being lazy with the italics over here. BARBARA comes out in June, and we’re going to have a few vinyl copies of RULES DON’T STOP as well as unlimited copies of a download available on April 5th. (That was worth the effort, italicizing that date.)

The only other thing you need to know about this video is that it was directed by LABOUR, who are (as will soon be obvious to you) geniuses.

17 responses on “RULES DON'T STOP video

  1. Dan

    Brilliant video guys, been watching it repeatedly for ages now, can’t wait for Barbara to come out and for you guys to tour the UK, epic stuff!

  2. Tommy

    i arrive home stoned
    i check my RSS feeds
    this is what a get
    you’re a great band who love their fans
    thank you!
    great video!

  3. Frantisek

    Amazing video. There are so many great moments, but my favorite part is the Keith and Chris shot at 1:58. Thank you for italicizing the date, I look forward to it.

  4. geekgirl

    Amazing video, and a super catchy song!
    Can’t wait for the album and accompanying gigs…….eek!

  5. Harryman Forge

    Love the video.
    Sick bass line
    I’m Harryman Forge and I approve of this message.

  6. Rebecca

    I enjoy your smooth moves.
    And your loooong arms. I love those loooong arms, all the better to reach out and hug with?

  7. matt

    You assholes, hurry up and get to Los Angeles. Remember Halloween in Chicago with KOL? You were ‘We are Ghosts’ I fucking loved it. Don’t make me riot.

  8. Brad

    Great video, maybe your best ever. My wife couldn’t quite singing the song after watching the video. It’s like a rash. . .in a good way.

  9. barbara

    the name is program :))) how we germans use to say
    i am in love with the video, the song, you – and the name of the album

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