RULES DON'T STOP single is out Monday

Dear friends: “Rules Don’t Stop”, the first single off of our new album “Barbara”, goes on sale Monday in the U.K. Sound expensive? What if we told you that you can pre-order at 7Digital for 50p. The special, dirt-cheap price ends Sunday at midnight, because then you’re out of ‘pre-order’ territory and firmly into ‘order’ grove — not that that’s such a bad place to be, order grove! But pre-order territory, my god… it’s every bit as good as it sounds.

Insure your ownership of this important MP3 now by clicking on this sentence.

12 responses on “RULES DON'T STOP single is out Monday

  1. Sean

    I love ‘Down The Hall’. The sound is great and I especially love when it gets to “How could you let me get so far away?”

    Barbara must be ultimate and perfected even more than we thought. It just makes me want it more.

  2. Cory

    Hey guys.

    Really diggin the sound of the new single. I’m really interested in picking up the vinyl copy thats being put out tomorrow. The post made it sound pretty limited so i was wondering where would be the best place to get it from? Its not really showing up anywhere when i search for it. =/ Help WAS, you’re my only hope.

  3. Jordy Emonds

    Is it coming out on 7″? or even CD? Id love to have a copy :) saw it on NME about a week ago, bloody love it!!! :)

  4. Hannah

    I just downloaded Rules dont stop me from Napster, i thought it was meant to be out tommorow? x

  5. Anfunny

    I have to say this mp3 file is rubbish quality! If you view it in Adobe Audition or Cool Edit Pro, the wave is miniscule. It’s so compressed and quiet, if you play it inbetween previous We Are Scientists’ singles, you have to ramp the volume right up and even then it’s very flat and hissy! What’s the deal?!

  6. Ryan in Grimsby

    Got the single guys! It’s as brilliant as always! When are you guys going to be touring again? Oh and when are you guys going to be touring again?? Pleeease say that it’s soon and you will be coming to Grimsby or Lincoln in England!!

  7. Pedro

    Hey guys! I just wanted to say that I’m really excited about this new record. Really enjoyed last one and the new single! Greetings from Brazil. =)

  8. Grace

    You did a gig at the University of Maryland today. A girl with curly, black hair came up to you (Keith) and told you that her best friend is in love with you to which you apparently responded: “Yaaaaay!” I just wanted to reaffirm it. It’s true. Sitting on my sofa, typing this, I feel as if I’m another person. You see, I’m far from a fangirl. And yet, I’m writing you a comment you might actually read but never respond to. And I’m fine with that. I have no ounce of hope and I’m beginning to realize just how creepy this is getting….

    Alas. When will you guys come back to play in California? I have yet to see you in concert and it’s really upsetting. I always seem to miss you guys. Here’s to the new single. It’s grand.

  9. Neil

    What’s with all this digitalisation nonsense? I bought the single on one of those orange vinyl things, kinda like a big CD with a pattern on it, and it’s way more interactive than a file on a PC. Back to the future!

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