“Return the Favor” Can Now Be Seen *and* Heard

Return the Favor, the first song from our upcoming EP Business Casual, was unleashed upon the world this week. The world, it turns out, had no problem with that…

“The song is amazing, but this solo is pure genius :)” writes wOOly on our Soundcloud page.

@Will_Butler04 told us on Twitter that he’s “really enjoying the darker tone and shifting dynamics on this new @scientistbros track!”

And on Facebook, Jonathan Vanasco demands, “You got to ride airboats in swamp?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!”

If you have no clue what any of this means — and not because you don’t read English — then an education is at hand:

Maybe you prefer your music unmolested by visuals. No problem. Drop your eyelids to half-mast and bliss out on this audio-only edition:

Return the Favor was produced by Chris “Crackerjack” Coady and mixed by James “Olde English” Brown. We wrote it ourselves. (Bruno Mars sent us an idea for the intro, but we couldn’t open the file.) The video was directed by Dan “a Plan” Monick. We did not use an acting coach or an alligator wrangler.

Our Business Casual EP is out October 14th or 15th, right around there. (Depends on where you live. (Doesn’t everything!!!! (“Location, location, location,” as they say.)))