Poodles of every faith: This

Poodles of every faith:
This weekend, the We Are Scientists will again resume the jetsetting lifestyle that suits us so very well (so well it led Roger Ebert to quip on a conservative talk radio show last week that it suits us “like a fine rolling paper suits my hash — fuck these kids today with their Dan Fogelberg and their plastic bongs!”) Yes, we have booked passage to California, and on Friday evening will be playing our first open-air show since last time we played an open-air show at Pitzer. This show, however, will be called Kahoutek.
If you’re unfamiliar with Kahoutek — with its glories, its swirling emotions, its wellspring kegs — then let us just tell you abou–… You know what? Better still, let us show you — Behold; an aleatory assay of Kahoutek that we made last year by spinning on a barstool (we bring three barstools with us everywhere we go) and snapping eight photos in quick succession:

The point of all this being that you should get yourself out to Kahoutek! Even if only in a metaphorical sense by closing your eyes and masturbating furiously.