Plant Wrap Up

You checkered futures,

Owing largely to the ingestion of vast oceans of alcohol peppered with creative talent, we finished recording the album (tent. titled “Birds of a Pleather”) last weekend and have returned to New York, where the weather is positively SOUPY! We walk down the street and half expect to run into gigantic wheat gum alphabetical characters! Seriously, folks!
All of which makes one wonder what the bits of pasta in ABC’s ‘n 123’s are really made of (?). It ain’t “wheat gum”, we can tell you that, because we just coined the term. Go to and the mystery grows only more viscous. No ingredients are listed for any of the products, and there’s an animation of a boy coughing up blood (!).

Screen grab from after eating from a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, a queazy-faced caucasian male youth hacks blood at the viewer.

You need to get past that disgust right now, guys, and applaud Chef Boyardee’s compulsion for candor.
Wondering what the last few days in the studio were like? Peep this documentary footage:

All real, everybody. We don’t even know George Lucas.
We’re playing the Siren Festival this weekend, and meteorologists are saying it’s going to be off the hook. If you live in the South Brooklyn, Coney Island area, anywhere in there, you should stop by.