Perfunctory Canada Update

You Hairless Werewolves,
Man oh fuck, lots of stuff going on recently, and it’s been awhile since we discussed it here — a show in Toronto yesterday; a gig with Snow Patrol outside Belfast and a slick shebang in Ibiza last week; Reading & Leeds Festival before that; months and months of recording and writing the new album (tentatively titled You Bang, She Bangs, You Want Some… Unh!); a show here and there in New York, Germany, and the UK earlier in the year; a gimantic headline tour before that; shows across the goddamn globe before that; more shows, mostly in the states and the UK before that; and, before that, more shows. And nary a word here on the “”””””News”””””” site [additional “scare quotes” for emphasis].
Well fuck us right in the belly button. We have been remiss. Here’s what’s going on:

It’s Masterpiece Theater over here, in other words, you guys!