New UK Shows Coming Monday!?!?!

POLICY UPDATE: We’ve decided to start using our email list. Why? Because email is due for a retro-vintage-rehash. Who uses email anymore? So 1999, right?! When did you last receive an email? When did you last own a computer that was capable of sending an email?? Probably 5 years ago. Well, dig out your Apple OldBook, because we’re going to start sending you some pretty hot stuff via email, and nowhere else. ON MONDAY, for example: we’ll email out pre-sale information for some new July tour dates in the UK. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! No! A week later (or so), we’ll send out pre-sale information for some new U.S. tour dates. AS IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH: This is going to be not just an “email” we’ll be sending you every monthweekdayweekmonth-ishly… it will be a *newsletter.* Meaning articles, interviews, photos, typefaces, and formatting. Also exclusive mp3’s (sometimes), videos (more often), and original jokes (in every newsletter).

There really is only one reason not to sign up for this newsletter, and that’s if you hate life, and *enjoy* hating life. The last part is key, because if you just ‘hate life,’ well then we can cure that. But if what you love is hating life, then this is not the newsletter for you. Go sign up for one of Huffington Post’s eBlasts—that’ll add some hate-foam onto your hate-cake.

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