New U.K. Tour! July! Why Would We Lie??

We booked some new shows! You should book tickets! Then let’s book a time to read some good books together!

The shows are in the U.K., and they’re SMALL—because we like tight quarters—and they go on sale THIS FRIDAY AT 9 A.M. Links to tickets and the names of the venues and the cities where they’re located: all that info is on our Shows page, accessible through the turtle link below. Click it. Click on it, the turtle link down there. That takes you to it, I think. Who knows how this stuff works??

Here’s a quick preview: BRISTOL 22/7… PORTSMOUTH 23/7… LONDON 25/7… COVENTRY 27/7… GLASGOW 29/7… MANCHESTER 30/7… PRESTON 31/7… CORK 2/8

So now you don’t have to waste a click if none of those appeal to you. How many clicks do you get per day? We get 25. Seems like a lot, but actually you go through them pretty quickly. We usually end up stuck on one webpage after about midday because we’ve run out of clicks and can’t navigate away.

Ha— the other night, we got home pretty late, maybe around 1 a.m., and we did a little web-browsing, and before we knew it we had blown the NEXT day’s click allotment. GOD. Haha. #worstdayever

J/K, you guys. We get all the clicks we want. We’re We Are Scientists.

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