Neck Deep In Recording

You long-suffering succotash:
It is on. The record (tentatively titled “Do Smoke Detectors Detect The Smell Of Smoke?”) is beginning to look like an H-Bomb. Here’s how it’s gone down so far.

On Sunday we drove up to Sausalito (from Los Angeles) to start recording at The Plant. Along the way, somewhere near Fresno, we hit In-n-Out for some burgers-n-fries-n-370-degree-heat — we found all three in abundance, as well as tons (literally!) of fat road warriors!

Once we got to The Plant in our cars, the natural thing to do was to walk inside.

The Plant’s interior has some quirky details, such as this curvy hallway …

… and this wobbly mirror, which makes things look all curvy! (Check out the camera’s reflection: SOMETHING’S NOT QUITE RIGHT!!)

Time to record! We assembled our instruments (pictured here: two violins) …

… and we assembled our mics and amps (pictured here: a green amp and a silver-and-grey mic) …

… and our various pedals (pictured: a wonderful distortion pedal) …

… and we got down to fucking business!

Plenty of time is spent working out the perfect parts for each song. (Get a load of Ariel working out the perfect part for that piano.)

And a shit-ton of time is spent by Ariel editing stuff on his thinking machine.

Everybody mostly stands around and watches while he does the editing.

Sometimes we’ll hit the hoop to kill time while he edits. This has been fruitful. All of us can now slam, stuff, do hook shots from up to a mile away, bounce the ball and then grab it and slam it, do a lay-up, shoot three pointers, and dribble. The basket features a breakaway rim and a regulation 4-ft. pole, and a leaf mat for tough landings.

Sometimes you’ll come back inside from a long, tough game of hoops and find Ariel tooling around in the hallways on his razor scooter, shooting the shit with an old friend over the phone.

We’re all very excited about the songs, though Ariel insists that it’s not great musicianship but his razor scooter that’s going to put this record over the top. Who knows, maybe he’s right, at least about the fact that it won’t be great musicianship that makes this album, because there won’t be any (would maybe be Ariel’s implication)!

More along these lines very shortly! Too long to hold your breath, but too short to take a vacation and hope not to fall behind while you’re away! Anyway, vacations are mainly for assholes, probably!