MEGAPLEX is here.

Well, it’s coming. Our new album, “Megaplex,” is out 27 April of this year (the 2018). And yes, for some of you that can seem like a long time to wait — indeed, for our 3-month-old fans, it looks like a lifetime! But there’s lots of stuff to keep you busy in the meantime. Here are a few places to start:

  • Go watch the video for “One In, One Out.” It’s a beautiful piece of work directed by Mr. Jed Mitchell, who also shot the Buckle and In My Head videos. And by god, it’s quite a song.
  • Go pre-order the album. We’ve got signed vinyl, a red cassette tape, a poster with a cat, and first-ever opportunities for insane fans, like having us write a song for you, or acquiring a bag of things our bird collected.
  • Put a show on your calendar. We’re announcing shows in Europe, the UK, and the US this week, with more announcements coming in the next couple months. We’re trying not to leave anybody out this time, but know that if we do, it’s because we’ve decided once and for all that we don’t like you.

We’re excited for this one. It feels special. We’ve got a lot of great people working with us, and ten very good songs. Keith just turned thirty, and Chris is almost twenty-five, so there’s no time to waste. We intend to make this a big one.