Mastodons, We have entered Phase

We have entered Phase II of the release of the new album, and the excitement is palpable, it’s practically dripping down the walls. Phase I: We tell you nothing; we develop the album in secret without offering even the slightest hint that an album is in development; we give you one thing and that is a total lack of information. Phase II: We give you a beefy, well-fed preview of the album; this is what happened today; we drop a preview on you, out of the blue, and it explodes your goddamn mind, driving first into your mind from all sides, like a hundred little drillers, and then exploding the whole damn thing; you are in this phase now. Phase III is of course when we roll out the full-fledged, 40 ounce, scratch and sniff album, which is a little ways off yet.
There’s a lot of confusion out there, a lot of hysteria, a lot of excited moaning and hysteric confusion. The safest way, we feel, to approach this sort of situation is through an FAQ. And . . . . voila:
What will it be called? The album will be called Ask Your Doctor About We Are Scientists, and frankly that’s just what you should do.
What form will it take? A three-song e.p. with bonus materials.
Bonus materials? Divulge! Never. Lest the surprise be smeared. Among other things, you can expect a hi-res version of the Great Escape video, that fateful video, so that you and your loved ones will be able to experience its full-screen, tiny-pixelled beauty. Until then, make do with what is currently posted on the front page