Lots of news is sort

Lots of news is sort of stirring itself up over here, although it may be slightly too early to divulge anything in a definite tone. Until such a tone is deemed appropriate by all the concerned parties, we will continue to report everything in the usual half-assed tones. Shall we get on with it, then?
We have been solidifying the whole recording situation, and it looks like we will be heading into the studio come early November. While inside, we will make many untoward noises and the accompanying untoward movements. When we step out, it will be with the well-founded bravado of men who are fully assured of their own brilliance. You will see. This album will be the best thing since “Free To Be (You and Me)” (ask Michael about this one). Prepare yourselves to be rocked.
The actual finished album itself will most likely not be available until around January, but you can be sure that we will be hooking you all up with the appropriate doses of mp3s and outtakes and B-sides long before then. We take care of you, because you are babies, and cannot care for yourselves. You have no idea what’s good for you. Some of you have bought albums by such bands as Limp Bizkit or certain harmonizing all-male bands from Florida. This is the equivalent of placing the palm of your hand on the burner of a hot stove. It is called a burner because it will burn you. They are called Limp Bizkit because they suck. The sooner we have taught you these lessons, the better off we will all be.