Letterman, Stereogum exclusive, Record release

Apes of Wrath,
So you were watching Letterman Monday night, and it was getting late, sure, and you had to trot off to work the next morning (quite literally trot, if you live in NYC), but you were loving the comedic bits, the witty barbs, that Dave’s hand doctor brought to the table, and then Jim Carey came on and you hadn’t seen him in a while so you steeled yourself against exhaustion and stayed up, and yeah, he’s still got the touch, he was pretty funny, especially when he started manically high-kicking from a seated position, and it was good to hear about his new film, and you enjoyed the clip, and when his interview ended you were happy to have checked in with him and you flicked off the TV and slouched off to bed. What you bed-happy dummies missed:
We Are Scientists Explode Into National Fame on Letterman, Somewhat Timidly, Sure, But With Obvious Goodwill (.wmv)
We know, we know, we look a little stiff, a little reigned in. The fact is, gentle bastards, we were nervous. Give us a break. It was our first time playing for more than a million people. Lasting impressions, you ask? Cold. Blinding, awful cold. Well, not quite that cold, but the set is kept at 48 degrees fahrenheit, per Dave’s directive. And, as anyone who’s seen us live knows, we can only really play at 53 degrees fahrenheit.
Dying for more W.A.S. in a tiny window on your computer? Oh, you really are? Go to Stereogum and take an exclusive look at the It’s a Hit video we made this summer for inclusion on the DVD (available late Spring). It’s funny, this video. Funny in a way that kind of says ‘fuck you’ to the viewer, sure, but still pretty funny.
As to the big-budget, full-bore-no-mistakes-multilayered-rat-attack It’s a Hit video that we shot a few weeks ago, we were happy to hear that MTV2 in the UK and Europe has begun playing it with the kind of frequency that would make you think we’re paying them to do so. (Which of course we are.) If you don’t live in the UK or Europe, then not seeing that video is the least of your worries, but some comfort may be got by watching the preview we made.
And don’t forget, shoppers: coming up very soon, definitely too late for Christmas, is our fine album, With Love & Squalor. Our recommendation is that you set aside at least one CD that you receive as a gift this Holiday Season and, in the second week of January, take it back to Best Buy or Tower or wherever and exchange it for With Love & Squalor. That second or third copy of X&Y that you get from your Aunt is a great candidate for this program.
Anyway, With Love & Squalor is out January 10th in the U.S. Here are some dates for those of you living in other parts of the mall: France/January 10, Germany/March 4, Rest of Europe/February 27, Japan/February 22, Australia/February 5, New Zealand/February 27.
We write “in other parts of the mall”, and you’re thinking, “Man, get a load of these idealistic cynic-type guys,” but you’ve got us wrong. We’re not suggesting that the world is, like, one big consumer dome, minus North Korea. (Not that the world isn’t a big consumer dome — we just wouldn’t know cuz when we travel we’re always in the goddamn van.) Our point is more that it’s kind of odd that the CD is coming out at different times in different countries when economies, at least for things like music, are so tightly connected, even indistinguishable. Especially if you’re talking about digital music (and who isn’t? Prez Bush downloaded his millionth song from iTunes on Monday!), it’s difficult to understand how staggering release dates can work. It would literally be like a CD coming out on one day at the Sam Goody, and months later at the Tower Records at the other end of the mall, and then even a couple of weeks after that at the little food-court CD kiosk. People’s eyebrows? They would be raised.