Insertion point onto national freeway

Insertion point onto national freeway system: Philadelphia, PA
Withdrew from freeway system at: South of the Border, SC
Total mileage: 509.6

In the mega rest stop/community called South of the Border, South Carolina, in a restaurant called Pedro’s Taco & Hot Dog & Ice Cream Restaurant or Pedro’s Casa de Tacos y Ice Cream y Hot Dogs y Breakfast or something, the girl in the photo above came to the We Are Scientists dining booth and told us: “Has anyone ever told you guys you look like the Beatles?” She was at Pedro’s with a small pack of her friends, who hung back at their table, probably intimidated by the fact that the We Are Scientists were sitting ten feet away. We agreed to do a photo. One of the shy friends came over with two cameras and got a shot with each, then obliged us and took a shot with Chris’s camera.
Other completely fucked up shit also happened in South of the Border. For example, here’s our motel room’s bathroom:

Why do you think they made the floor the color of limes that have been soaked in LSD? Why do you think they limo-tinted the shower glass? We fought with each other like savage dogs most of the night trying to get our individual theories accepted as law.
Another good thing about South of the Border is that they have life-sized plastic animals everywhere, which good taste forced us to pose with. Try to spot the ram, bull, and wild bronco horse items:

Everything — but EVERYTHING — in South of the Border is owned by the mysterious Pedro. His name peers down from all vantages like the eye of Ra. When you enter the town you temporarily become “Pedro’s [your name]”. The benefit? There is no crime.
Holy fuck, you’ve never seen our van:

We’ve been calling it El Lobo Argentino. We don’t have a logo yet for El Lobo, so if you’ve got an idea and some time and a pack of markers, work something up and send it to us. The van even came with a driver who looks like but has a separate identity from Chris:

He is called Paquit