Hit the 'sphalt in: Carbon

Hit the ‘sphalt in: Carbon City, AL
Left the ‘sphalt in: Atkins, AR
Total mileage: 357

You’re looking at The Godbey. Owned and operated by the incomparable Chris and Cassie

with the constant assistance of Foodfight

this venue we found to be of top calibre. It was a simple, beautiful evening, this show. We played. Local chanteur Andy Warr played:

Our Brooklyn homeboys The Oxford Collapse played:

We bought their t-shirts. Adam, Dan, and Mike… sweet Adam, Dan, and Mike, sweet Mike. Great, good guys. Here’s a picture of Keith watching them perform:

Notice anything weird? Anything having to do with a baby? There’s a baby watching the show. Look again. There’s a baby there, right there in front of one of the house speakers, being held by his assistant at the exact height he likes to watch shows from.

That’s us with Oxford Collapse. We paid them $5 to do this picture with us, which is why their level of enthusiasm is weird and possibly a little venal.
And that’s it. Cassie made us lasagna. Chris bought beer and Wild Turkey and gave us gas money even though the kids didn’t exactly come out in force. A good, simple night. Babies watching shows. Good things happening in this area of the world.
We were negligent beyond prosecution with photographing the Atlanta show at The Masquerade, but let it suffice to say that we met seminal board members Nathaniel (PWINK)and Ethan (Ethan), which was rewarding in the way that paying for sex is rewarding. Nathaniel snapped some shots: bang.
**Tonight: The Whitewater in Little Rock, AR. Tomorrow: SXSW!**