Hey. You guys know

Hey. You guys know Scott Lamb, right? Scott Charmichael Lamb? Well, he’s back in we are scientists. This is effective sometime this coming summer. Prepare.
Here’s the thing, back in the day, when WAS was formed, there was this guy named Scott Lamb, and he did much in the way of writing songs and being the lead singer and packing one incredibly tight ass into a pair of even tighter leather chaps. Anyway, for various reasons (many of them involving Keith’s poor drumming skills), the decision was made to transplant WAS to Los Angeles, where a young and nubile and wicked little drummer named Michael Tapper resided. Well, Mr. Lamb told Keith and Chris that they could take their move and shove it, as he was living it up in Oakland and would only move when prompted by hunger and kill-craziness. So, with the seats of their pants still aching from his evil kicks, Chris and Keith beat a swift retreat to Los Angeles, and then, having packed Michael into a duffel, to NYC. The rest, of course, is history, and can be read about in any of the better trade publications or in actual history books.
But now Mr. Lamb is back. For whatever reason (if anything so exclusively human as “reason” can be applied to Mr. Lamb), Scott will soon be making his way to this neck of the woods, and has demanded the swift return of “[his] band.” So, we will return the band to him, the rightful owner of we are scientists.
But, you say, we are scientists is so potent as a trio! How can you possibly alter this winning formula, this formula that is to rock as Mr. Heinz’s 57th patented formula is to ketchup? Let us only assure you that you have no fucking idea what the hell you’re talking about. Scott Lamb is going to blow your damned head off with his rock power. We are excited. You, too, are excited, even if you’re not sure why. And anyways, we’ve tasted Heinz’s 58th ketchup formula, and, oh my god, you have no idea. You really haven’t the faintest clue.