Hey, people. Sorry we're being

Hey, people. Sorry we’re being so lazy about this EP business. We’re not holding out on you here . . .well, yes. Yes, we are holding out on you here, but just for a second. So let us hold out on you for like just a few more precious seconds, and then, just as fruits and grains and beef chunks spill forth from the horn of plenty, so will our CDs spill forth from a dispenser that Michael has affixed above his bed to allow for the easy disbursement of CDs to the ladyvisitors of his chamber.
So, seriously – we’re just trying to hash through a little bit of last-minute business on these things, and then they’ll be up for grabs. Could be simply a matter of days. But just so you know, here’s the details on this guy:
It’s called: We Are Scientists In Action
It features these songs in this order: Selective Memory, Coming Clean, That One Pop Gem, Riffmaster B, Secret Handshake, Bomb Inside the Bomb.
If you have heard any of these songs before, we promise that they sound better on this album than they sounded when last you heard them, unless you’ve heard us play them live, because, live, we are unbeatable, even by our own studio-selves. We are unbeatable!!!
Which reminds us: people in California will soon have their fill of us, as our West Coast tourlet begins next week. Check out the shows page. There will be more updates to that page as more shows are finalized, so keep checking. If you live in SoCal (or, hell, NoCal) and want to see us play and for some fucked up, scrambled-priorities reason can’t make it to one of these shows, let us know, and we’ll come to your house and play for you or cook for you or model the latest fashions for you. Just tempt us.