Happy Halloween, Motherf*%k#@s

Hello! It’s been a nice Halloween season for motherf*%k#@s, we think you’ll agree. Here are a couple of season-appropriate images you can stare at for a minute to get yourself in the mood:

A squirrel fell from Heaven.
Birth of Athena.
St. Patrick's Day? Take a closer look... It really is Halloween-appropriate, reveals a closer look!

Now that you’re in a more satanic mood, we’d like to share with you some very good news: MTV didn’t cancel Steve Wants His Money!! We’re as surprised as you are – perhaps more so, since we’ve had longer to be convinced that cancellation was assured. But no, they didn’t cancel it at all, so episode two is going to air this Sunday at 22:55 on MTV in the UK. Just to tell you a little bit about this week’s show, it’s called “The £85 Beat” (or “Grandma’s Keyboard”) and it features hip hop sensation Kano. It’s two parts razzle, one part dazzle, and anybody who isn’t already hooked is probably going to remain unsure. People who already love SWH$ will not be dissuaded, though – that’s for certain.

The good news doesn’t end there. Next week – November 5, to be exact – Mr. Andy Burrows touches down in New York and the three of us resume work on the new record. Andy has been laying down hot meat (“tracking”, in industry-speak) for his solo record in London, but it’s time to take a break from that, and he knows it, and we all planned it in advance, so it’s not a big surprise or anything – it’s time to work on the W.A.S. record (tent. titled “Vagabond Marathonned”).

Finally, we’ve re-opened our Advice section. You’re invited to submit riddles, pleas for assistance, intellectual inquiries, and zen koans. We can’t be stumped! Not by people, anyway. Falcons drive us crazy with their capriciousness, their near-random behavior… You, however! You we know from first page to last. You we had figured out weeks ago. Try us.