Glasgow post gig

Dear fuckers,
We mean that affectionately! It’s true, what your friends and counsellor say: you do need to loosen your tie, your bonnet! Ya fucker!
Hey, so we’re four days deep into this current tour, four days worth of ¬°Forward Russia! and Foreign Born shows splattered all over our shirts, and it’s going — in a word — great. Parse, if you can, the following paradox: every night has been perfect; every night is better than the last. WTF, right? Welcome to our world, where lines are ill delineated, borders are muddled or blurred, rivers meant to divide countries are brackish to the point of matching the surrounding turf, et so forth.
Here’s Michael backstage enjoying the supple, swarthy charms of our latest creation, a W.A.S. signature sweater:

Damned if he isn’t among the most laid back players currently in the game!
Minutes after the Glasgow gig’s conclusion, this happened:

The heterosexual girl or gay gent who shot this photo fainted DEAD AWAY moments after opening the shutter and has not yet regained consciousness. We ask that you keep him or her in your prayers.