Four more club shows in England, June-time

You Jittery Geodes,

Our last-minute show at the Bull & Gate in London last week was successful on every imaginable level: we remembered all of the songs; we didn’t spill any beer; and no (warm-blooded) animals got (very) injured. So we’ve decided to tack on a few more club shows this June while we’re in England. Ticket links for these intimate, awkward, embarrassing gigs are now up on the Shows page. (Ha! They’re not going to be awkward and embarrassing. That’s just the NyQuil talking. In fact, they aren’t even going to be very intimate. More like “slick” and “professional.” Just kidding — that’s the Tabasco & Redbull talking. When have you known us to be slick or professional? Okay, maybe if you’ve dated one of us, but never at a show. Let’s just say these shows will be “successful,” we hope, and leave it at that.)

If you missed last week’s now-historical show — “historical” in the sense that it happened in the past, we mean — consider putting one of our vinyls on the ol’ scratching droid and scrolling through Camden Crawl’s photo set on flickr. For better accuracy, mess with the record player’s speed a little bit every few minutes, and pour grape jelly all over the platter sometime during track 7.

Shrieking, shrieking, shrieking.

Fatigue sets in; Keith decides to have a lie down.

Also! Details on April’s Barcelona festival have been updated on the Shows page. Ticket links are working like dwarves in a silver mine.