DAYS 14-20 You expanding polar

DAYS 14-20

You expanding polar ice caps,
The recording of the guitars has begun, and sweet merciful mephistopheles is it ever going well. After hours and hours of tinkering with the set up, we’ve hit on a simple, elegant way of getting gorgeous guitar and bass sounds.

Guys, this album is going to sound amazing! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. You, the uninformed, are desperate for details, so let’s back up a bit and make with the play by play.
On Saturday Keith and Chris got the hell out of NYC like a couple of majorly sane dudes. As they threw — literally threw, as hard as they could — their guitars into the back of a cab in the popular Brooklyn neighborhood known affectionately to locals as Williamsburgle, The Confetti That Requires No Clean Up began falling. Two hours later, they managed to tear away from tiny seat-back televisions long enough to wink at the blizzard-engulfed runway with a camera.

Pity darkened Keith’s face while disdain flashed briefly across Chris’s, then the two returned to the second Predator film, the one starring Danny Glover, Maria Conchita Alonso, Bill Paxton, Gary Busey, Meryl Streep, Christian Slater, River Phoenix, and Stephen Colbert.

The little red line didn’t have to crawl far across Mapquest-sponsored America before views improved. And of course by Saturday late afternoon We Are Scientists’ premier only two guitarists were neck deep in LA sunjuice.

Studio work began on Monday, and there was great excitement when we arrived to find that Mr. Rob Brill, who had done such excellent work with our drums during week one, would be working the boards to match our Ultimate Drum Sound with an Ultimate Bass Sound. Rob got right to work.

No but seriously, after a couple hours of tinkering with amps and pre-amps and after-amp effects and cables in a variety of colors, we hit upon a terrific bass sound and laid down a few miles of track.

With Ariel, Rob, Lewis, and Chris’s fingers — the fingers of a working pickpocket — aligned in cause, we skated through the bass with few setbacks. Now it’s Saturday and guitar tracking has begun after two days of messing with amps and EQ. So many amps. Maybe on Monday we’ll bring you a photo expos