Couple of shows for (some of) ya!

Here are the facts:

Jan 20, 2010 Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, PA
Jan 21, 2010 Black Cat, Washington, DC
Jan 23, 2010 Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ

But of course, there’s so much more to it than that. Sometimes facts are like medium-sized rocks sitting there on the floor of the jungle: you turn the rock over, and yeah, sometimes there’s just dirt underneath. But other times maybe there’s a wild little polychromatic swarm of insects and worms, or a piece of paper folded many times, or a key! And which rock-overturner has not at one time or another discovered a treasure chest or a diamond ring or even the door to an underground suite of rooms appointed with devices and technologies that could only have come from a distant utopian future??

And so if you overturn the rock near the top of this post, what will you discover? That at these shows, we will not be drunkenly croaking out a bunch of 90’s radio-rock covers! That at these shows, we won’t be settling even for a bunch of tunes we wrote years ago which, admittedly, have become cultural touchstones! No, at these shows, attendees will be treated to nothing less than our drunken croaking of probably at least half of our forthcoming third music album! Sure, we’ll pound through the classics: your Nobody Move’s, your After Hours’s, your Cheetah Lick’s — but at evening’s end, the bulk of your ball-tripping will  have directly resulted from hearing forthcoming hits such as Rules Don’t Stop, I Don’t Bite, Nice Guys, and Foreign Kicks. Caveat: Unless you take a drug pill(s)! If you take a drug pills, you’ll be tripping more leaden balls than most of the audience, and the lion’s share of your trip will owe itself to a drug pills.

More on that forthcoming album (spring ’10) and related issues (international touring, touring more than a 4 hr. drive from our practice space) coming soon.

In the meantime, have a great new year celebration, pop a drug pills, drive a car around, party, and remember to go see the latest movie, Avatar!