Broken Amp, But All Is Not Lost

You bastard scions:
Two nights ago tragedy struck in the form of a misbehaving Vox AC30 guitar amplifier. Tracking, like a freight train grinding to a halt, ground to a halt. And while at least one unknown dude’s Sunday was spent performing a tedious and delicate amp repair, at least two dudes hit the freakin beach! It was sunny hike weather, so Keith and Chris slathered on sun tan oil, pulled up their pants, and drove straight at the ocean. Once they arrived, the beauty was so overwhelming that Chris couldn’t stop taking pictures and Keith couldn’t stop texting friends his impressions.

Keith to one friend: “can’t. in bay area recording for few weeks. drink a pitcher for me. i will drink one for me, too, here.”

And to another: “what say you to a 3 o’clock knocked up? i’m cougar hunting but will be back in hour or 2”

“you know you want to see it again. i’ve actually seen it TWICE, but i feel 3 more viewings in me”

“that has angelina jolie. i would rather actually be beheaded”

“why risk another cusack failure when knocked up is a slam dunk”

Ariel made the resumption of recording today feel tremendously special by hauling out some ceremonial garb.

Let’s get a closer look at those shoes…

Ariel calls these “huraches”, but admits that’s probably the wrong term. Please email us if you know the correct one so that again he might walk the righteous path.

Coming up in the next couple of days: a comprehensive guide to the guitar pedals that will color and shade the new album (tentatively titled Mermaid Stewwwww (Yuck!)). A little closer to home, you will lose your job.