[3/20/2002 10:08:34 AM | We

[3/20/2002 10:08:34 AM | We Are Scientists]
Have we mentioned to you guys just how very much we like Speechwriters LLC? Let us mention this now, then: we like Speechwriters LLC a whole hell of a lot.
These kids came touring through town recently, and our interaction was simply beautiful. Just a bunch of guys mutually admiring each other. “We like your band, Misha,” we said several times. “Thanks, guys, ” he replied. “And I like your shirts.”
They’re a CA duo (or trio, when they condescend to allow a drummer to join up), and they do the acoustic singer/songwriter thing as well as anybody else. Choose anyone, anyone at all, and Dave and Misha will trump them. They played a damn fine show at NYC’s own black hole, the Sidewalk Cafe, and they just blew that shit up. I mean, a black hole is supposed to absorb light, right? Explain to us, then, how Speechwriters LLC was able to glow so unbelievably brightly, right there in the heart of the Sidewalk, that most dense of all interstellar sandtraps. You, with your degrees in astrophysics and journalism, you can’t explain it to us.
In any case, the Speechwriters were kind enough to invite us to hop onto a bill with them when we go out to California in April, and for this, we are forever in their debt. I mean, not forever, but still, it was very nice of them. We are excited. Get excited, people.