Some of our only albums

7 responses on “Some of our only albums

  1. Laura

    Hey, I was wondering if there’s any place you guys know of where I could get Crap Attack.
    Also, why isn’t it listed here? Did you disown it!? lolz, oh dear…
    It’s also not on itunes, which I thought was weird.

    I used to play that mp3 player thing you used to have on your site a couple summers ago at this receptionist job and now I’m super sad that I can’t hear the songs on that cd anymore…

    I wonder if I’ll actually get an answer. Hmm, oh well.


  2. Loushae

    I’m gunna agree with Laura…I really wanna buy Crap Attack…but I can’t find it anywhere where it’s in stock…:(

    And I’m curious…did you disown it?? 😛

  3. Miriam

    does anyone know where i can get mp3 files of some of the songs from singles (e.g. bomb inside the bomb) because i cant find any sites that i can buy from the UK ? plus really hoping that WAS bring out a new album this year and do some touring in the UK so that i can see them now that i am officially old enough to :)

  4. Quinten

    I was just wondering why you guys don’t include your first album on the site. I wouldn’t have known it existed if not for the discography search i did.

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