One day, We Are Scientists’ (adjective meaning “very talented”) guitarist awoke in his (three digit number)-room mansion, feeling, for the first time in his (adjective meaning “perfect” or “enviable,” your choice) life, a bit of malaise. “Whence this unusual sentiment” Keith mused, pulling off his Spiderman pajamas and slipping into something a little less dressy. After a morning spent wading through piles and piles of that morning’s (noun meaning “fan mail”), Keith still was not feeling any better, so he wandered up to the bedroom of Michael Tapper, WAS’ (adjective meaning “�preternaturally gifted”) drummer . “Michael,” Keith shouted, “please stop kissing (name of Hollywood starlet) and help me out of this indomitable funk!” But, as was the case with (name of another Hollywood starlet) and (name of third Hollywood starlet, this one sort of disturbingly aged) before her, Michael could not be distracted. So, Keith shuffled down the hall to Chris Cain’s room, where he found the (adjective meaning “devastatingly handsome”) bass player (verb meaning “painting a pastoral landscape scene”) with one hand while simultaneously (verb describing something horrifically vulgar) with the other. “I shan’t disturb him,” Keith thought, and so he repaired to the sitting room, where he spent the rest of the morning (verb meaning “shooting bullets into his vast collection of gold records until he ran out of ammunition, a practice that always made him feel better.”)