Wanted! by we are scientists:

  • a bunch of black material that is impervious to radar detection.
  • some wheels, like, for a plane, maybe. that’s just an example.
  • um, okay. stealth bomber schematics. not to use, or anything. just for looking at. not for building a plane.
  • nice leather seats. as if for use in a cockpit. but they will not be used in a cockpit.
  • a subsidization of 42.5 billion dollars. for, say, band equipment. we need, um, some microphones. because Michael broke one of our microphones, and now we need to buy a new one, see?
  • three (3) silvery full-body jumpsuits, with lightning bolts on the chest, and featuring the names “tapper,” “cain,” and “murray” on the back.
  • if “cain’s” jumpsuit could also have a donkey tail coming off of the butt, that would be pretty funny.