The list of punchlines that was published on this very page on July 10, 2002, only this time translated into French, then from French to German, and then back from Ger

  • Hardly; I have half of a spirit to open around an opening the topic!
  • [ in the French accent ], ask my God of references I it steps of! There do not affect me a SATISFYING!!!!!
  • [ in the British accent snob ], you excuse the acceptance, Minister, but hand cuffs never was my dte cup; cufflinks more probably! Now unhand my girl leprechaun.
  • It will just show: No end of the hat is always what is demanded. Although in this case it was natural.
  • Thus the angel sweeps out the oats flour of it from the covers and lifts ” whether it is breakfast, which I wanted I just as easy to IHOP go could! ”
  • It is not minable v�tu farmer, very honoured gentleman… It is a lion!

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