Several of WAS's favorite jokes as identified by their punchlines

  • Hardly; I’ve half a mind to breach the subject!
  • [in French accent] Please, mon Dieu, ne me touchez pas la! Don’t touch me there PLEASE!!!!!
  • [in posh British accent] Excuse the presumption, Minister, but hand-cuffs have never been my cup of tea; cufflinks more likely! Now unhand my daughter, the leprechaun.
  • It just goes to show: A tip of the hat isn’t always what’s called for. Even though obviously in this case it was.
  • So the angel brushes the oatmeal from her laps and says, “If it’s breakfast I had wanted, I could just as easily have gone to IHOP!”
  • That ain’t no shabbily-clothed peasant, mister… It’s a lion!